Port Orford, OR

Snorkeling Port Orford via Zodiac Boat Tour

Explore rocky reefs, kelp forests, and more in this unique snorkeling trip.

Port Orford Snorkeling by Boat

Snorkel the amazing Orford Heads with us on the “Black Pearl”, our new ocean vessel similar to the boats the Coast Guard uses. Dive Master Mike will guide you into some beautiful rocky reef around Nellies Cove. Swim through an arch, into caves and through the kelp forests under Orford Heads State Park. The Pearl is a comfortable dive vessel equipped with a deep dive ladder making it easy to exit the Pacific when ready to locate to another dive spot or head back in for some fish and chips at one of the great restaurants in Port Orford.

Please remember, guiding is a part of the service industry. If your guide takes care of you, take care of them. Tips are greatly appreciated.

You will have an unforgettable experience on the Black Pearl out of Port Orford!

Port Orford Snorkeling by Boat Info

2.5 – 3 Hours
Departs From
Port Orford, OR

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