Kayaking the Stunning Arches Territory

Join South Coast Tours for a scenic paddle filled with secret coves, amazing rock arches, and spruce covered islands.

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Kayak the Arches Territory

The most amazing natural beauty of Samuel Boardman State Scenic Corridor, the remote Crook Point National Wildlife Refuge, numerous sea caves as well as arches and some of the best south coast haystack rocks are on tap in the Arches Territory.  The many Spruce covered islands and arches of the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge offer amazing photography and some of the best ocean kayaking on the west coast or perhaps anywhere in the world….It’s a longer paddle and also exposed to all the swells and winds of the south coast so tours are limited to only the most calm days of the year. Total distance is about 15 miles over roughly 6-7 hours and not for the faint at heart!

Please remember that guiding is a part of the service industry. If your guide takes care of you, take care of them. Tips are greatly appreciated.

Kayak the Arches Territory

$160/single kayak, $310 tandem kayak
Approximately 7 Hours
Approximately 15 miles
Departs From
Pistol River area
Intermediate to Advanced
What to Bring
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Experience is required and is more physically demanding than our other tours. Consider getting on our *Weather Alert* list for notifications of perfect weather for this paddle.

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